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Chapter Officers

Chapter President

Natalie Hess, RWA


Chapter President Elect

Caitlynn Nagle

Chapter Vice President

Ryan Turner


Chapter Treasurer

Jennifer D. Murray, SR/WA


Chapter Assistant Treasurer

Tracy M. Jones


Chapter Secretary

Lauren Ode

Chapter Assistant Secretary

International Director 2 Years

Rick Nichols, P.S.

International Director 1 Year

John Harrison, SR/WA


Membership Chair

Professional Development Chair

Shirley A. Oney, SR/WA, R/W-NAC


Education Chair

Beckie Shaw, RWA

Advisory Board (past President)

Kevin M. Jennings, RWA

Kristina Breeding, SR/WA

Mark Edgington

Christine Deacon

Michelle Agostinelli

Drew Gilmore

Cynthia Schaffer

International Secretary

Dan Bucan

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