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Cleveland 2022
Education Conference

2022 Education Conference

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Click HERE for more information on Cleveland 2022.

Conference Courses (Saturday, June 4th)

Course 102: Elevating your Ethical Awareness / 7.0 CLE hrs.

Course 230: Oil & Gas Land Basics & Related Surface Rights Issues / 7.0 CLE hrs.

Course 410: Reviewing Appraisals in Eminent Domain / 7.0 CLE hrs.

Conference  Sponsorship

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Conference Volunteers

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Cleveland, Ohio

Discover what Cleveland has to offer.  Be sure to bring your family!

Cleveland, OH

Conference Information

AUGUST 2017 - More than 4 years ago, on an island in Lake Erie, the representing board of IRWA Buckeye Chapter 13, came up with the idea to pursue a National Conference in Cleveland, OH. At the time, the Chapter was riding a wave of success with increased membership, record breaking attendance at our seminars and an overall momentum that comes when you begin to see so many positive results from the hard work of so many. While we all had high aspirations, for a period of time it was a grand idea that we weren't sure would actually become a reality. However, our President at the time, Mr. Dan Bucan,SR/WA, spearheaded the charge which energized the group to move forward with attempting what could be one of the biggest accomplishments in the Chapter's history. Through the focused effort of the board and committee members, we were able to build momentum which was amazing to watch unfold. Our efforts to become "Rock Stars" in Nashville, TN in 2016 were received with overwhelming delight from those who visited our booth and took opportunities to take pictures with us. Most recently, the three year journey culminated in Anchorage, AK, some 3,914 miles from Cleveland, OH, with a victory for Chapter 13, a victory for Region 5 - The Quality Region and yet another BIG WIN for the City of Cleveland, OH. We appreciate the efforts of so many that helped in making this idea become a reality and look forward to welcoming the IRWA family to Clevleland, OH, aka "THE LAND", in 2022

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